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Life Water Ionizers

Welcome to our LIFE Water Ionizers [Lifeionizers] Page!

Alkaline Water Plus used to carry Life Water Ionizers, but after we got serious about testing all of the water ionizers we sell the Life Water ionizer company dropped us as dealers. What led up to this was our repeated attempts to test the Life water ionizers and/or just go and see the company, and all attempts were thwarted. Therefore us leaving the Life water ionizer company was a mutual decision at that point. We actually just want to deal with honest and straight-forward companies.

The only testing I had seen for Life water ionizers at the time was testing done by a PHD scientist and his team at Silver State Laboratory in Nevada. The scientist was commissioned to perform several independent tests of several water ionizers and was no way influenced by any bias. The only water ionizer brand that did poorly in that testing was Life water ionizers.

You can read a full explanation of why we don't recommend Life Ionizers here:


Life alkaline water ionizers are no longer carried by us.

The older Life water ionizers go by the names Life 7600, Life 8100, Life 9100, Life 9200, but now there is a new-generation series of Life water ionizers, called the Life M7, M9, M11 and M13. We've extensively tested the Life M7 [at great wasted expense] only to find out that it was a poor water ionizer.

Life Water Ionizers are trademarks belonging to Earthtrade Water. Alkaline Water Plus is no longer associated or affiliated with Earthtrade Water, these trademarks or with Life water ionizers: The Life water ionizers are all no longer offered by us. We apologize if you have been inconvenienced.

Customers of Lifeionizers [Earthtrade Water] have published numerous complaints. Here's one that is in video form. I just don't understand how a company can treat its customers this way. Watch the video.

At Alkaline Water Plus you get the best deal possible on every water ionizer purchase. Please visit one of our other pages.