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  • 9-Plate Vesta H2 Water Ionizer
  • Cost of Using the Vesta H2 Water Ionizer vs Other Water

9-Plate Vesta H2 Water Ionizer


Product Description

Introductory Price on the 9-Plate Vesta H2 Water Ionizer!

With the most advanced features and technology, the  Vesta H2 water ionizer will provide you with years of the highest quality performance. The AlkaViva Vesta H2 has has been redesigned with Hydrogen Infusion Technology.  It's brand new for 2016 and is an upgrade of the Vesta GL. This is the time to buy the 9-Plate Vesta H2 water ionizer, because it's on sale for $300 off the retail price.

After a number of years in the making, the Vesta is the premium water ionizer model available in which features the latest technology, such as the AutoAdjust Optimizer and SmartSwitch. The Vesta water ionizer was designed to be absolutely the most functional water ionizer available. The Vesta H2 is truly a fantastic new water ionizer.

Industry-first technology!

  • AutoAdjust™ optimizer automatically adjusts the ionizing power giving the best performance and ionization for your particular water source.
  • Smart Switch™ next generation SMPS power supply provides the most stable and efficient power platform.
  • 9 high-efficiency solid platinum titanium electrodes deliver more power per square inch than larger less sophisticated electrodes requiring large wattage. 62mm x 110mm size of each plate. Think small. Think efficient.
  • Advanced self-diagnostic MICOM circuitry system

Auto Adjust Advanced Ionization Technology

AutoAdjust™ delivers the electrical energy to the plates based on the mineral content in your water as determined by the on-board computer. With AutoAdjust™ technology, you always get the best performance and benefit you can, no matter where you live or what your water quality. Every time. Easy. Automatic. Instructions for manually setting the power levels can be found on page 13 of the owner's manual.

The principle of AutoAdjust™ The output signal (blue) is compared with the limits (green). These limits correspond to the reference signal (red) which is the fed back to the Vesta’s advanced circuitry from the conductivity in your water (relative to the minerals) and offset by a given value. Every time the output signal reaches one of these limits, AutoAdjust™ changes the signal or pulse width effectively adjusting the power relative to the minerals in your water and to the setting selected.

Advanced SMPS Technology

The Vesta H2 uses the most-advanced Switch Mode Power Supply technology in order to operate it’s unique AutoAdjust™ feature. Current generations of SMPS offered by other ionizer companies cannot automatically adjust voltage on demand to match varying water conditions. The advanced SMPS used in the Vesta H2 is able to do that. SMPS is known as a power-saving option as it only uses the amount of power necessary.

Advanced Plate-Cleaning Technology

All ionizers have cleaning systems which are crucial to performance and durability, but all cleaning systems are not created equal. One more important advantage of AutoAdjust™, is that calcium and other minerals cannot attach themselves to the electrodes. With the electrodes switching on and off so quickly and pulsing differing widths, minerals don't have the time or stability to form a bond with the surface of the electrode. Other less sophisticated ionizer brands cause you to periodically wait for your alkaline water. The AutoClean reversal mechanism operates in the background of the Vesta H2, always cleaning and never interrupting the flow of alkaline drinking water. You never have to wait or worry.

Patented dual filters consisting of 0.1 micron filters combine with space-fiber technology to efficiently filter almost any tap water. The filter life change indicator lets you know when it’s time to replace your filters. You have the ability with two filters to really make sure your water is filtered properly.

Advanced self-diagnostic MICOM circuitry system allows for the advanced technology to function and protects your investment. Smart Sensors signal excessive temperatures either from power surge or water temperatures and shut your ionizer down to protect it.

Advanced Electrode Technology

9-Ultra Efficient Electrodes Made of the highest grade Titanium / Platinum for durability and efficient ionization. EmcoTech plate manufacturing remains state of the art, using proven best-practices - the choice for most ionizers sold worldwide.

Sleek Design

Modern, Sleek Design Small footprint and elegant black and stainless-look design complement any modern kitchen decor. Experience the elegance and efficiency this ionizer!

Advanced Performance

The Emco Tech range of water ionizers has proven over the last several years that bigger is not necessarily better. What matters is the engineering: how efficiently the electrical amperage is delivered to the electrodes. Vesta ionizers out perform other brands with more or larger electrodes and more wattage, because more amps are delivered per square inch of electrode.


Product/Model : VESTA H2 Alkaline Water Ionizer
Dimensions (HxLxD) : 15 (H) x 12 (W) x 6 (D) inches
Weight : 15.5 lbs
Power Supply : AC 120 V (Can Customize...AC 220-240V), 60Hz
Flow Rate : 2-3 liters per min.
Water Pressure : 0.7-5kgf/cm3
Electroplates : Solid titanium coated with platinum 62x110x.5 (mm)
Electrolysis Process : Continuous flow
Country of Origin : South Korea


Other Features of the Vesta H2 Water Ionizer:

  • * Patented 13-stage filtration ensures you peace of mind, knowing your water is not only alkaline and ionized, but cleaned.
  • * AutoClean fully automatic post use cleaning – unlike other ionizers, never wait for your alkaline water and protect your investment.
  • * Sleek mirror-faced, elegant design


The parts within the Vesta H2 water ionizer and all AlkaViva water ionizers are of fantastic quality. They should last a lifetime. It's very rare that any of our water ionizers would have a defective part. But for your protection, all AlkaViva water ionizers have limited lifetime-parts/labor warranties. The repair/servicing depot is located in Reno, Nevada.

We will register your water ionizer for its AlkaViva Lifetime Parts & 5-Year Labor Warranty for you. All you need to do is email us at support@alkalinewaterplus.com with the serial number on the back of your machine when it arrives. Make sure you do this, because the warranty defaults to 1-year if it's not registered within 30 days of purchase.

With all water ionizers, there is usually a small amount of residual water, left over from quality-check-testing, so plugs are placed on all water ionizer ports. Please follow these guidelines for removing the quick-connect plugs. Also, save these plugs in case you ever have to ship your Vesta water ionizer.

If you prefer to pay with a payplan, click here: Vesta H2 Water Ionizer Payplan

Excellent Vesta Water Ionizer Reviews!

Customers love the Vesta Water Ionizer! See below to read all of our vesta water ionizer reviews.

The Vesta H2 comes with the following accessories, which have 90-day warranties: diverter, user manual, flexible hose [spout], screw anchors, hose clamp, collett tool, tubing, grey hose, reagent drops, fuse. There is an "optional diverter" that can be purchased which may be helpful for some people who have faucets that are not the "standard" sizes. See the "Installation Accessories" JPEG, attached.

The plastics used in our water ionizers are NSF certified to be BPA free, PE free, ABS free and food grade.

We are confident you will enjoy many years of great tasting and healthy water from your Vesta water ionizer.

Vesta H2 Water Ionizer Installation Video

Follow the link to watch a thorough demonstration of installing any of the H2 water ionizers. 

How to Install Any H2 Ionizer - Vesta H2 - Athena H2 - Melody II 

H2-Series Owner's Manual

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