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  • Jupiter Melody Water Ionizer
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Jupiter Melody Water Ionizer


Product Description

Melody Water Ionizer Holiday Sale Prices Through Nov. 30th!

The revolutionary Jupiter Melody water ionizer (also known as JP104, Jupiter Isis, and Jupiter Melody/Isis) offers Alkaviva's new amazing Ultrawater filter system for purity and filtration ability. Absolutely excellent filtration and removes Fluoride. 

One reason that the Jupiter Melody is one of the best water ionizers is because it uses a basic form of continuous-cleaning. What it does is it reverses polarity within the water cell every time you use it. This continuous-cleaning advantage is the reason why a Melody water ionizer can be 3 months or 10 years old and still produce the same pH and ORP readings as when it was brand new!

Jupiter Melody Reviews

Our customers love the Jupiter Melody water ionizer JP104! The Jupiter Melody really gets some awesome reviews! Note: You can see these Jupiter Melody water ionizer reviews below.

If you prefer to pay with a payplan, please visit this link. Melody Payplan

Melody Water Ionizer Users Manual

Designers: Jupiter Science, located in Japan.
Manufacturer: Emco Tech, located in Korea.
Importers: AlkaViva, located in Reno, Nevada

Here are some of the [Jupiter] AlkaViva Melody water ionizer's great features:

  • The Jupiter Melody has continuous cleaning and post cleaning for perfect water always. It's the first model to always give alkaline water - even when cleaning! Continuous-cleaning isn't just a great convenience [i.e., you never have to wait for the Melody ionizer to do it's self-cleaning], but more importantly continuous-cleaning ensures you that your water ionizer's efficiency won't drop off over time.
  • The Jupiter Melody ionizer's LIFETIME Warranty on all parts (even plates) and Lifetime Limited Warranty on labor gives you assurance your Melody water ionizer will last.
  • The Jupiter Melody water ionizer has four levels of alkaline water and four levels of acid water. In addition you can set it for just getting filtered water whenever you want.
  • The Melody water ionizer gets great ionization with 5-plate electro-plated platinum coated titanium ionizing plates and integrated MICOM computer circuitry throughout.
  • The Jupiter Melody ionizer has a high-quality stainless steel output spout, an easy wipe-down, one-touch control panel, a calcium port and an easy pop-in-and-out change filter compartment, making it super easy to use!
  • In addition to the continuous cleaning, the Jupiter Melody has a unique post-operation automatic, silent cleansing for the final touch of perfection and extended lifespan.
  • Voice confirmation every time you choose another output pH
  • Filter usage Liquid Crystal display indicator
  • Optional ability to connect direct to main water pipes and operate under municipal water pressure
  • 1/4 inlet tube; better visually in your kitchen than the 3/8" tube on other models.
  • Liquid Crystal Display that changes color to match the pH of the water selected and with low flow indicator, plus hot water and low flow alarms.

Explanations of Jupiter Melody Ionizer, JP104, Features

Automatic Reversed Cleaning: The Jupiter Melody has one of the most advanced self-cleaning systems inside the water cell in the world! It's called continuous-cleaning. What this means is the Melody ionizer cleans itself all the time - while it's pouring. The Melody water ionizer delivers to you your alkaline water from the alkaline sprout without interruption. No more waiting even when your water ionizer is cleaning itself! Every water ionizer in the world, worth investing in, has an inbuilt cleansing routine. This ensures that any particles that may find their way past the filter are not 'caught' in the ionizing cells. The method is simple - the magnetic [electrical] field in the chamber is reversed so that any mineral that has energetically adhered to the Platinum on the electrode plate is repelled and flushed away. With the Melody water ionizer each time you use it, the poles are reversed from the last time you used it. It's a clever system, and assures the user of a long, trouble-free life for their Melody water ionizer.  

Integrated computer circuitry means that your water ionizer will perform at its peak without any attention from you. Computer circuitry also allows hot water and low pressure protection

Voice confirmation means you are alerted to any change of pH. 

Filter usage display means you can see at a glance an estimate of how much filter life you have left. It's a handy indicator that you can use to assess when to order a new filter.

Optional ability to connect direct to main cold water line means you really don't even need your Melody attached to your tap. With a 1/4" hole in your counter, or a G2 faucet, it can attach directly to your cold water feed line. All you need do to have a glass of water is to turn it on at the convenient front flow valve.

Dimensions: L 10.5 x W 5.5 x H 13 in. [without packaging the Meody ionizer weighs 12 pounds]

Filtration: Be assured that with a Jupiter water ionizer you have access to the very best filtration ever. All new Jupiter water ionizers will be shipped with an UltraWater Filter installed. The UltraWater filter uses the newest & best technology in water filtration. Note: With all Jupiter water ionizers that have a single filter-port we offer you, free of charge, a second filter housing and Fluoride Shield sediment filter if you request it at check-out.


The parts within all AlkaViva water ionizers are of the quality that will last a lifetime, and it is rare that any water ionizer designed by Jupiter Science and built by Emco Tech would ever have a defective part. But for your protection, all AlkaViva water ionizers have limited lifetime-parts/labor warranties. The US importers, AlkaViva, have a repair and servicing depot located in Reno, Nevada.

Because AlkaViva requires that you activate your warranty within 30 days of your purchase date in order to qualify for their lifetime warranty, we at Alkaline Water Plus will register your water ionizer for you. Just email us support@alkalinewaterplus.com with the serial number on the back of your machine when it arrives and we will take care of the rest. You can see a full statement of their warranty at the bottom of this page: https://alkalinewaterplus.com/water-ionizers-filters/jupiter-water-ionizers-filters/.

All AlkaViva water ionizers are tested before leaving the AlkaViva warehouse (without using the filters) and Emco Tech factory for quality control purposes. There is usually a small amount of residual water, so plugs are placed on all water ionizer ports for shipping. Please follow these guidelines for removing the quick-connect plugs.

Free high-quality PH Reagent Testing Kit included.

Why buy Jupiter Science rather than any other brand?

Jupiter Water Ionizers Company Background:  Jupiter Science has been making water ionizers since 1982 and before that they were making medical equipment. Their research department is constantly at work looking at how to improve performance without having to increase power consumption or take up extra room with a bulky ionizing chamber. As a leading manufacturer of quality water ionizers, Jupiter has an ISO certified production plant.

Jupiter Melody Water Ionizer Installation Videos:

The Jupiter Melody water ionizer installation is easy to do. The manual has very clear instructions and these videos are just a little extra demonstration for those who like that. The Jupiter Melody water ionizers have upgraded over the years since these videos were made, but most of the steps of set-up are exactly the same. These videos, though a bit out-of-date, are helpful for anyone who would rather watch the set-up demonstrated than read the installation manual. 


*** NOTE - If you are using well water, softened water, a water distiller or a Reverse Osmosis machine, please contact us first so we can help you remineralize or clean your water before it enters your Jupiter ionizer. Also note: Jupiter water ionizers come standard in 110v, but can be special-ordered for 220v. Also Available with Optional Undersink Conversion Kit. 

Please Note: Water is run through every machine at the factory for quality control and testing purposes. There is no water in your filters but there may be a small amount of moisture in the machine itself. This is normal and will cause no harm to your ionizer.

The plastics used in the Jupiter ionizers are BPA free, PE free, ABS free and food grade.

Please check below to see the great Jupiter Melody water ionizer reviews.

Qualifies for free shipping and 60-day satisfaction guarantee in US and Canada.

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