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Weight Loss & Beauty Tips


Water Ionizers: How They Help With Weight Loss & Beauty

by Cathleen LoGrasso [Alkaline Water Plus]

This photo is of me out on a run, at age 61.8. I believe that with all of my experience in nutrition, water ionizers and now exercise I have valuable information to add to the common knowledge.  I have found ANSWERS to common health questions about weight-loss and beauty-tips, and am happy to share with you what I know. After drinking ionized water for over 20 years at the time of this writing. I can safely say that there is not a single, better thing that I have ever done, health-wise, for myself or my family than to drink ionized water! So, at the risk of being redundant, I can't help myself but to say this, "Drink ionized water," before anything else. Why? Please read more about why I say this on this page as well as these other pages:

Weight Management

Weight management is a touchy subject, and losing weight is definitely easier for some people than others, however for me weight management has been consistently easier since I purchased my first water ionizer back in 1993. I am no longer touchy about weight loss, because I know if I go on a cruise or other vacation whatever weight I gain will be able to come off…I'm not worried about it anymore. Drinking ionized water has definitely given me a real advantage in achieving my weight management goals, and it's easier now for me to keep my weight in check now at 62 than it was when I was 40! I have found that since I started drinking ionized water, weight management or weight loss is no longer a source of anxiety for me. It wasn't that I was fat-fat, but I was clearly overweight, alright -- fat, and I seemed to have hit a permanent plateau in any weight-loss efforts I attempted. There are many contributing factors to obesity that alkaline ionized water helps with: pH buffers, energy, and dehydration. If you have weight issues it definitely is a health risk to you well beyond just inhibiting you from having all the pleasure out of life that you want. I encourage you to scroll down to the Weight Management [More Real Answers] section, below, to learn more about this very important topic.

Beauty Tips

Your Inner-Most Cells and Organs are Alkaline-Loving

Beauty Starts on the Inside. At 8.5 pH to 9.5 or 10 pH alkaline ionized water is the perfect drinking water, so drink alkaline ionized water! It will help to neutralize the acidity of the body and slightly alkalize the body. Alkalizing the body will help to ward off infections, cancer and other invaders to the naturally healthy and beautiful state of the body. Alkaline ionized water also assists in the safe removal of toxins from the body. In addition to the health-benefits of alkalizing your body, the negative ORP [oxidation reduction potential, another way of saying "antioxidants"]] of alkaline ionized water will provide the body with lots of easily absorb-able antioxidants. Antioxidants are important in order to prevent free-radical damage that would otherwise be caused by oxidation within the body.

Beauty-Tips for You on the Outside

Your outer-most cells and organs are acid-loving.

Skin, Hair & NailsYour skin, nails and hair do not like alkaline-mineral deposits. Your exterior cells and organs are much different in their pH requirements than the innermost cells and organs of your body. Most people don't realize this. Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of your body? It is! And, it is actually one of your organs of elimination. We don't usually think of skin this way, but sweating is one of the ways our bodies get rid of toxins. As an organ of elimination, the skin is adapted to loving an acidic pH. The hair and nails are related to the skin, and have the same pH needs as the skin does -- which is acidity at the level of about 5.5 pH.


High alkaline opens pores and acidity closes them. Normal, healthy pores want to be closed tightly. This protects you against invaders [such as poisons, bacteria, viruses, and fungi]. There are occasional reasons to want to use alkaline solutions on the skin and hair. Washing, for instance, to get rid of excess oils and dirt. Read more about that, below. Also, if you have clogged pores [such as pimples or boils] you will want to temporarily open those pores to let the puss out. Whenever you do open your pores, you will want to close them again by using the lowest pH your skin can easily tolerate [which is about a 3.5 - 4 pH]. Your acid mantle [outermost layer] of your skin is your body's first line of defense against bacterial, fungal or viral infections. It is important to maintain this acid mantle at about a 5.5 pH. However, because of the nature of soaps [soaps are typically a high alkaline pH in order to emulsify and flush away oils] the acid mantle is often left at too high of a pH after bathing or showering. The consequences of this is a breakdown of the acid mantle, drying out of the skin, and roughness caused by a build-up of alkaline minerals left on the skin. Rinsing with acid water helps to remove the residual alkaline minerals and restore your skin to its perfect 5.5 ph-level.


Soaps are usually alkaline in nature, because alkalinity helps to cut through grease [which is one of the things you're trying to clean with soaps and shampoos]. 3 - 4 pH-level is perfect for neutralizing the skin and hair [which should be about 5.5 pH, but because of alkaline soaps and shampoos you use, the skin and hair are usually found to be way off-balanced]. Acid water [a by-product of water ionization] is a perfect skin toner and conditioner.


Doing an acid-water hair rinse is an awesome way to utilize a water ionizer to its fullest advantage for your beauty! Shampoo is most often found at a high alkaline pH. A high pH solution applied to your hair will open up the hair cuticles [the cuticle is the outermost hair-layer surrounding each hair shaft], and expose it to becoming dry and damaged. It is most beneficial to the health and beauty of your hair to close the hair cuticle . The cuticle opens with a high pH and closes with a low pH. When you rinse with water at a pH of about 4.0, this low pH water combines with the high pH of your newly washed hair and restores it to its ideal pH of about 5.5.

Beauty Secret: Hair that has tightly closed cuticles has a smooth, shiny, silky look to it and doesn't split at the ends.


Another tip to keep your hair cuticles from becoming damaged is pre-shampooing, also called "pre-pooing". Acid water is perfect to be used to pre-poo your hair. Pre-poo by pouring acid water, about 4 pH, over the hair and let it sit for a minute before shampooing. The acidity closes up the hair cuticles, thus preventing the hair shaft from being exposed to and being dried out by the shampoo.] Then after you shampoo [and condition if applicable] give a final rinse to your hair with about a 4 pH acid water. This will again close up the hair cuticles and protect your hair from drying out or otherwise becoming damaged later on. Using acid water in the above ways [to pre-shampoo and rinse your hair] can end up saving you lots of money in expensive hair products while giving you the same, beautiful result!

Natural Air-Conditioner Helps Beautify You!

Natural, Healthy Coolant: Acidic water can be placed in a spray bottle and brought with you to sports or other outdoor events in hot weather. When you set your bottle to mist, this has an air-conditioning effect of cooling off your body. It's healthier for you to use acid water at about a 5.5 pH in your mister, rather than regular tap water, because the goal of misting is to cool yourself, not change the pH of your skin. The proper pH of skin is about 5.5 pH.

Natural Laundry Softener

Add acid water to your final rinse cycle of any load of laundry. This removes residual alkaline minerals from the clothing, brightens up the colors of your clothes, softens the laundry naturally, and not to mention adds to your beauty while wearing them!

Weight Management [More Real Answers]

Weight loss can be a multifaceted problem. I encourage you to read this entire section rather than just skim. It is based on years of experience and research.

It can be a very frustrating endeavor if you only know or apply part of the facts about effective weight management. If you are more than a little overweight, it is not a simple, one-step fix. I encourage you, if you have weight problems, to educate yourself, eat right [proper food combining], focus on more raw vegetables than cooked [or only slightly cook them], eat fat [that's right…just don't overdo it and make sure it's the right fats], join a health club, and exercise in addition to drinking alkaline ionized water.

Water Ionizers help your cells to become healthier and you to alkalize your body. Both of these things help you to lose weight. Each cell in your body gives off waste products, and these are acidic. Your body will not allow you to have these acids leave your cells and enter your blood-stream unless you have, immediately available, sufficient pH buffers to do it safely. The pH of your blood is a life-death matter. Literally you will die if the pH balance of your blood goes off by even 2%. As a protective mechanism, if it becomes unbalanced by the addition of too many acids, so your body will do things like this instead of allowing you to die.

  • Rob calcium from your bones or joints in order to buffer the acidic wastes that are trying to be removed from your cells.
  • Crystalize the acids [uric acid crystals] and then these crystals can "safely move through your blood-stream, but then become lodged in organs or tissues and create their own havoc.
  • Store the acids in your fat cells and won't let them out!

The Importance of WATER to Weight Loss

Our bodies are over 2/3 water, so the kind and quality of water you drink MAKES A DIFFERENCE. I paid $1,100 originally, for my first water ionizer, over 20 years ago and never regretted that decision. As a matter of fact I think it was literally the best purchase I have ever made! I'll bet the last thing 99% of the population thinks when they can't lose weight or lack energy is that they should go drink water. We are often trained to not like water, take it for granted, completely disregard it or drink things that contain water and think that we're somehow now sufficiently hydrated. Positively charged tap water is not very hydrating, and I believe people intuitively know that. Ionized water is clearly different. This powerful alkalizing, anti-oxidant water provides superior hydration to your cells. Alkaline ionized water filters [water ionizers] reduce the size of the water molecule clusters, resulting in significantly more hydration per glass, which means more oxygen to your cells to give you more energy while you try to lose weight.

Body fat is acidic and full of toxins.

When you lose weight, the fats that come out of your cells are ACIDIC. These fats must go into the bloodstream to be eliminated, but sometimes your body won't let this happen. Ionized water provides the pH buffers you need to allow your fat cells to give up their fats! Buffering is a must! Alkaline ionized water buffers the acids and allows safe removal of the acids and toxins from your body. "Safety" is the key word here. Your body is not going to allow any fats or toxins to be eliminated if it perceives it as a threat. So, that's why buffering is so important. Alkaline ionized water provides your body with a continuous stream of alkaline buffers to neutralize the acidic fats that your body wants for balance when you're losing weight.

Weight Loss, Calories, Exercise and Energy

One thing that I have [and I also hear this from customers all over] is ENERGY! Alkaline ionized water helps to reduce oxidation of cells, therefore making your cells healthier and gives your body lots of energy! I often hear from people who exercise that if they stop every 20 minutes of exercise to take a long drink [about 12 oz.] of ionized water that it helps them get into "the zone" quicker and stay there! I've also heard many reports of cramping being eliminated or reduced by drinking ionized water intermittently during exercise. Here's a report of research done by a professional runner drinking ionized water throughout his training [his testimonial and also the results] http://www.stutisheel.org/research-on-ionized-water-in-ultra-running/

Weight gain does have something to do with eating more calories than your body needs. When you don't get enough exercise your body won't be able to eat enough calories to keep you healthy [without making you gain weight]. When I turned about 61 I found that the number of calories I could eat daily, without gaining weight, had reduced from my earlier years. I think part of this is that I used to be more physically active in my job [teacher] and now I work primarily at a computer most of the day. So I decided to go to the gym to run/walk every day. Doing this has significantly boosted the number of calories I can eat daily. It's important to be able to eat enough. If you're forced to reduce your food intake too much [in order to not gain weight] then it isn't pleasant or even healthy. Your body needs balance and part of that balance is a certain variety and amount [bulk], of healthy food. My daily regimen includes exercise and  works wonders for me.

I've discovered that even though you experience joint and muscle aches at first, your body gets strengthened and becomes stronger and healthier overall. I am a firm believer in the necessity to add exercise to one's routine if you otherwise don't exercise enough during the day.

An easy way to get started working out and feel some instant success  is with the Body Shaper Exercise Ropes. I just can't say enough about this great product. Check it out.

Read more about: The Value of Exercise & Alkalizing Your Body

Here's Some Good Reading [and watching] about Ionized Water and Weight Loss Specifically:

A book I highly recommend for anyone with weight issues is: The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, by Dr. Robert O. Young. Dr. Young discusses how people with weight problems cannot rid themselves of fat because their fat is actually saving them. He explains how the acidic wastes become trapped in cells and so much more. I highly suggest the book. Here is a very informative video of a CNN interview with Dr. Young about his book.


Quotes from the Transcript:

"Doctor Robert Young says the secret to permanent weight loss comes down to acid and the ph balance in your blood." "You can lose an average of a half a pound minimum a day." "And when we'd become over acidic,that's when the body goes into preservation-mode and that's when the body starts holding on to fat…

Specific reasons I recommend Dr. Young's book:

Dr. Young has expertise in analyzing the live blood of his clients. By regulating the body chemistry of his clients [eg., pH & ORP] through the change of pH and ORP of the foods [and water] consumed, he was able to see the clients' blood change, and as the blood changed its chemistry the clients lost weight in every case. I highly recommend this book to anyone on a diet plan, and the recipes are awesome as well!

Start yourself on the road to a healthier, more fit and more beautiful you. Discover for yourself your own body pH and how this may be influencing your ability to reach your ideal weight. Request your free pH Strip kit today!